• Agriculture Photography and Video
  • A Wyoming Ranch Christmas

    Wyoming ranch Christmas, 4-Wheeler sledding.

    It’s tradition: Christmas at Teri’s family’s ranch in eastern Wyoming. It’s as central to the holiday as the Christmas tree, the church nativity service, candy in our stockings, eggnog, and the big family dinner. We couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. We celebrate a “First ranch Christmas,” then travel three hours south, through a mountain pass, to my parents […]

  • Agriculture Photography and Video
  • We Are Agriculture farm photography portrait no.3

    Some folks see farming as hard work, and it certainly is that. But John and Cindy Mages make it look like fun. We met the Mages at their place near Belgrade, Minnesota, for a custom farm photography shoot with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (visit www.mncorn.org or follow the Minnesota Corn Growers on Facebook). Cindy greeted us with donuts. John was all […]

  • Agriculture Photography and Video
  • Communicating Agriculture From the Ground Up

    The members of the National Agri-Marketers’ Association (NAMA) are an amazing bunch of people, grounded in a legacy that’s all about producing good stuff from the earth, all working to share the stories of and promote solutions for farmers, ranchers and producers around the globe. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to work with our agri-marketing […]

  • Portraits of Agriculture
  • We Are Agriculture farm photography no. 2

    farm photo goat farmer 4H leader

    This farm photography blog post from AgriLife Studios features Cristine Nielsen, a dairy goat farmer from Rogers, Minnesota, who knows something about making the small things count. She’s raised two now-adult daughters on the family farm, and has two younger kids working their way up. She serves as a leader for her local 4H club, and as the fair superintendent and project development director for the county 4H dairy goat program.

  • Portraits of Agriculture
  • We Are Agriculture photography portrait no.1

    Proudly independent, proudly agriculture, Kevin Petersen grew up working hard on the family turkey farms, cleaning barns, driving truck, delivering for the mill his grandfather helped build and manage since the 1940s. The Anoka Independent Grain and Feed mill is located just two blocks off Main Street in downtown Anoka, Minnesota, hugging the East bank of […]

  • Prime Cuts
  • Simple joys of shooting Agriculture Stock Photography: Dairy cows in the sunshine

    It’s days like this that make me love what I do. We went out to shoot agriculture stock photography on a crisp sunny morning in September. Location: the beautiful Landwehr Dairy farm in central Minnesota, where we received a warm welcome and a tour from our very gracious hosts, Dennis and Marlene (stay tuned more on them in an upcoming post). […]

  • Prime Cuts
  • Feeding Our Passion for Storytelling

    We love telling stories through imagery. It’s what AgriLife Studios is all about. So we were thrilled late last fall when Leighton Interactive (St. Cloud, MN) contacted us about partnering with them on a brand story video project for one of their clients. Form-A-Feed is an employee-owned feed company in central Minnesota working to grow it’s business […]

  • What's the Beef
  • #NAMA15: The “Greatness” Video (uncut)

    In case you missed the beginning of the opening session of the #NAMA15 conference here in Kansas City (I know many of my NAMA peeps who are “here” missed it due to “client responsibilities,” a.k.a. “got up late” – you know who you are)… by popular demand, the 2015 AgriLife Studios “Greatness” video. Enjoy. Credits: Shawn […]

  • Prime Cuts
  • Growing Greatness from the Ground Up

    We were tasked with creating a video to launch the Opening Session of the 2015 National Agri-Marketing conference. The theme is “Growing Greatness.” Now, that could mean a lot of things. And to the agri-marketers attending the conference, it would involve all the ways we tell the stories of agriculture and help our clients and customers reach […]

  • Prime Cuts
  • Hot in the Hog Spotlight

    A few years ago we shot a custom library with our friends at Morgan Myers for their client, DNA Genetics, a global swine genetics company based in Nebraska. They were fantastic hosts, and we were thrilled to shoot in probably the most incredible swine facilities we’ve seen. Well-managed, clean and technically advanced. So impressive. But the […]

  • The AgriLife View
  • The AgriLife View, No. 1

    It’s 2015. We’re excited about what’s in store for agriculture, and we’re excited for AgriLife Studios, too – new tools, new offerings (visit our new store AgriLifesStudioStock.com) and new ideas. To celebrate the arrival of 2015, we’re kicking off the new year with a new series, “The AgriLife View” featuring faces, places and captured moments representing the […]

  • Christmas
  • Christmas on the Ranch – Carols, Bells & Cow Chores

    Every family who celebrates Christmas has their own rituals. For our family, feeding the cows is as much a part of the ritual as opening presents, lighting the advent candle, playing carol music or preparing the big family dinner. Sometimes we do chores in waves — feed in one pasture, come in for a hot chocolate and a round of presents, then […]

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  • AgriLife Studios announces new stock media web store

    Since founding AgriLife Studios in 2006, Shawn and I have focused on a few simple things: capturing real agriculture, creating great images and delivering outstanding value. Today, accessing our extensive library of quality images (and video!) just got a lot easier. We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new web store, www.agrilifestudiosstock.com, offering easy […]

  • Prime Cuts
  • High Plains Holiday

    We celebrated Independence Day — and a 50th wedding anniversary! — with family at the ranch in Eastern Wyoming (we actually held the family reunion at beautiful and historic Ft. Robinson State Park in Northwestern Nebraska). It was great getting everyone together, and it just seemed right — honoring the legacy of family, and of our great country, at […]

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  • Profiles in AgriLife: The Horseman

    When people think of horsemen, sometimes they imagine a romantic picture of a cowboy riding into the sunset, or something like the Man from Snowy River crashing down the mountain. For me, it’s a different picture. Nothing so flashy. Certainly not the Hollywood stereotype. I see a humble and quiet man. Someone who loves his horses, knows their […]

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  • AgriLife Storms the Sunshine State for NAMA 2014

    I’m headed to Jacksonville, Florida, this week for the 2014 National Agri-Marketing Conference. We’re excited to once again sponsor the Opening Session video (look for that video soon after its world premier Thursday morning). We’re also honored to sponsor the Break-Out Sessions once again. Stay tuned for updates and posts from the 2014 conference. In […]

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  • AgriLife teams with Schnell Designs for Region III NAMA win

    We’re really excited about the reception these posters are getting. The judges at Region III Best of NAMA awarded our “Livin’ the AgriLife” posters and postcard series First Place. We love the work our friend, Matt Schnell ( Schnell Designs ), has done for us on this campaign. His designs capture the true essence of […]

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  • AgriLife-Wyffels web videos win at Region III NAMA

    We’re excited to announce (okay, brag a little) that AgriLife Studios, in partnership with Brad Martin of bSharp Creative ( www.bsharpcreative.com ), received First Place honors at the recent Region III Best of NAMA awards program for our collaborative web site video project on behalf of Wyffels Hybrids (www.wyffels.com). The videos were based on a print […]