Agriculture’s stories come to life in details

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This morning AgriLife Studios kicked off the opening session of the National Agri-Marketers’ Association annual conference in Dallas with a video about telling agriculture’s stories! What an honor to be asked to launch the NAMA meeting again this year!

The video played in the Opening Session introduced the NAMA conference program. Now here on The AgriLife Image blog, for the first time, we’re thrilled to debut the AgriLife Studios brand story version!

Big picture? Yep, we can do that. But the heart of a story comes to life in the details. The science of soil and sunlight, genetics and mechanics. Meticulous preparation. Practice like you play. It’s all about focus. And a lot about location.

Think big picture? Yeah, we can do that. But it’s not one big story, it’s a pack of tiny ones. Layer upon layer, textures and nuance. It’s about grit and grey matter.

We love agriculture. The people and lifestyle, the science, the business and the beauty – all of it. For us, every shoot is an adventure. Every new client, an opportunity for discovery. Every communications project, an opportunity to tell a story – your story.


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Director of Cinematography for this project was Scott Regan – The newest member of the AgriLife Studios stable of talented artists and collaborators. We want to say a HUGE thanks to Scott for his cinematography, production support, mad drone piloting/filming skilz, plus his editing and general creative genius. This guy’s simply amazing, and we’re excited to have Scott on the AgriLife Studios team!

Additional thanks to Bruce Peterson of Far-Gaze Farms, Northfield, MN, for being such a gracious host and patient model for this project.

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