#NAMA15: The “Greatness” Video (uncut)

In case you missed the beginning of the opening session of the #NAMA15 conference here in Kansas City (I know many of my NAMA peeps who are “here” missed it due to “client responsibilities,” a.k.a. “got up late” – you know who you are)… by popular demand, the 2015 AgriLife Studios “Greatness” video. Enjoy.

Credits: Shawn Nielsen – Photography/Videography; Brad Martin – Videography; Scott Whitman – Production/Editing, Photography

Thanks, of course, to NAMA for asking us back to do the video again this year (we’re always delighted, and baffled). Thanks as well to the Minnesota Corn Growers Association for helping us find some great farm locations and farmers to talk with. And thanks especially to Marty, Katie (and Ted) and Ryan, for their great hospitality, for sharing their time, and for humoring us. You guys are awesome. I hope after this little production you’ll still let us come back.


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    Nice job on the video Scott! It was good to see you at NAMA. I look forward to getting caught up more soon.

    1. Thanks Tim! It was good to see you. I’m excited to come see the new Confluence Marketing digs in RedWing. We’ll bring cameras…and maybe fishing rods 🙂

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