Profiles in AgriLife: The Horseman

When people think of horsemen, sometimes they imagine a romantic picture of a cowboy riding into the sunset, or something like the Man from Snowy River crashing down the mountain. For me, it’s a different picture. Nothing so flashy. Certainly not the Hollywood stereotype. I see a humble and quiet man. Someone who loves his horses, knows their quirks, cares for them and works with them. Someone who grew up in a saddle, but rides because it’s just part of his day, when there’s work to be done. It’s not an event. It’s a lifestyle. He represents all that’s wholesome, good and true about rural America. It just so happens that this man is my Dad. He taught me about the value of a good day’s work, to be true to your word, to stand up for the little guy, to respect others, to love God’s creation and the creatures in our care. He’s the reason I love the AgriLife.

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