Simple joys of shooting Agriculture Stock Photography: Dairy cows in the sunshine

It’s days like this that make me love what I do.

We went out to shoot agriculture stock photography on a crisp sunny morning in September. Location: the beautiful Landwehr Dairy farm in central Minnesota, where we received a warm welcome and a tour from our very gracious hosts, Dennis and Marlene (stay tuned more on them in an upcoming post). We had a great time seeing this amazing dairy farm, featuring a brand new free-stall barn, a state-of-the-art calf weaning nursery, and a modern (and super clean) herring-bone style milking parlor. The icing on the cake: spending quality time with the cows. Pre-freshening heifers, to be specific… soaking up the warm morning rays.

There’s just something about seeing cows in the morning sun that makes me smile. Maybe that’s too simple. But I’ll bet when you see cows in the morning sunshine you want to smile too.

Agriculture stock photography, Dairy Cows in the Sun (c) AgriLife Studios. ALS_092015_Heifer_DY_0034
Dairy Cows in the Morning Sunshine. (c) AgriLife Studios. All rights reserved.

For more about the Landwehr family dairy, see this 2013 feature article in The Land magazine.

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