We Are Agriculture farm photography no. 2

farm photo goat farmer 4H leader
Cristine Nielsen, dairy goat farmer, 4H leader, farm photography by AgriLife Studios (c) All rights reserved
Cristine Nielsen, dairy goat farmer, 4H leader, photo by AgriLife Studios (c) All rights reserved

Small farms serve up a big savory slice of the agriculture pie.

We love that we get to shoot farm photography, and this particular farmer holds a very special place in the AgriLfie Studios family.

Cristine Nielsen knows something about making the small things count. She operates a small dairy goat farm near Rogers, Minnesota, where she’s raised two now-adult daughters, and has two younger kids working their way up. Her kids (the human ones) are resourceful hard-working, talented and compassionate young people. That’s no small accomplishment. And by Cristine’s reckoning, the family’s dairy goats have had a lot to do with it.

“Working with the goats – helping deliver babies on long cold nights, bottle feeding kids, milking every day – it’s taught our kids so much: work ethic, respect for animals, and the natural rhythms of life and death,” said Cristine, “I love seeing my kids make a connection with their animals, and pouring so much care into it. Even when they know spring is coming and it will be 50 times more work, they can’t wait for those new babies to arrive.”

Cristine volunteers in 4H because she wants more young people to know that kind of connection. She serves as a leader for her local 4H club. She’s also the fair superintendent and project development director for the county 4H dairy goat program. One might think she’d get enough of the goats at home, but Cristine says she loves taking goats to the county and state fair every year. She thrives on the interaction with people at the fair. But for Cristine, the best part is seeing her kids share their passion for what they do.

“I love seeing my kids talking with people at the fair. When someone asks them a question about their goats, they take on a different posture, they stand taller, and I see in them a sense of pride for what they’re doing,” says Cristine.

Some families might make other choices; invest in other things. For Cristine, the time, effort and money they pour into the goats – going to the fairs and volunteering in 4H – is all worth it. “We could go on a big vacation every year, but we’d rather do this,” she says.

“What we have here is just a little narrow slice of the big pie. But it’s ours. And it matters.”


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