We Are Agriculture photography portrait no.1

Proudly independent, proudly agriculture, Kevin Petersen grew up working hard on the family turkey farms, cleaning barns, driving truck, delivering for the mill his grandfather helped build and manage since the 1940s. The Anoka Independent Grain and Feed mill is located just two blocks off Main Street in downtown Anoka, Minnesota, hugging the East bank of the Rum River near its confluence with the Mississippi. We drove into the feed store’s gravel lot, on a mission to capture agriculture photography, and a story. We found Kevin, the mill owner, on the roof of the warehouse with tar on his hands patching holes on a sunny November day. “Gotta do it now, while we can, before it snows,” he says. A little later, we talked about the feed mill, the history of the place, the fact that his customers now are hobby farmers and and folks with suburban backyard chickens; pet owners and bird lovers, more than dairy farmers or folks raising turkeys, market hogs or beef cattle. When his grandfather died six years ago, he bought out the rest of the family business and assumed full ownership. He could have walked away, chosen something easier. We asked him why he did it, and why he keeps it going. He said he couldn’t see himself doing anything else. “I grew up doing this. It’s kind of in my blood.” But it’s more than that. “I enjoy it,” he says, “I like being my own boss, and we’re making a living.” We had a nice visit on the loading dock that sunny afternoon, but Kevin had to cut things short. It was his birthday, and he was going hunting with his father-in-law. He’s living the dream.  His own little slice of country lifestyle, carrying on the family agricultural legacy, right in downtown USA.

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See more about the history of the Anoka Independent Grain & Feed Company (2013 article by the Star Tribune).


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